We offer a variety services, including, but not limited to:

  • Roof Inspections
    • A roof inspection gives building managers and owners a quick and easy assessment of the roof conditions, a guide for needed maintenance and repairs to preserve or extend the life of the existing roofing system, and an important financial plan to help accurately prepare and time future roof replacement options… on budget and on your own schedule.
  • Leak Detection
    • Spray Foam stops leaks and is weather resistant. Polyurethane foams form monolithic, self-flashing surfaces which effectively seal against leaks. It can be sprayed with slopes to drains, facilitating water removal. Additional low spots can be filled to reduce ponding water. Reduces and simplifies roof maintenance.  The polyurethane foam systems usually require little or no maintenance. If damaged, caulking is sufficient for repair in most cases. Polyurethane is much easier to repair than most built up systems. Repairs, changes or modifications in equipment can easily be accomplished.
  • Routine Maintenance
    • Maintenance costs are usually the second largest single expense component for buildings… right behind utility costs. Most building owners forget to get the roof serviced until it is too late. Most of the time tenants or employees will wait until the roof leaks to schedule an inspection, this typically leaves limited and costly options. Roof replacement is never cheap and if the expense is unexpected the results can be devastating on an operating budget.
  • Roof Clean Up
    • Remove debris from the roof surface, inspect drains and waterways to allow the free-flow of water from the roof.
  • Roof Penetration Repair
    • Roof repair at penetrations, such as newly installed or changed out equipment (i.e. A/C units, solar stanchions, skylights, antennas, etc.).

Although Cool-Roof Systems specializes in spray foam roofing, we also offer services to single ply, built up, and cap sheet roofing.